Virality Scoring

Performance marketing is a complicated beast and many of its nuances slip between the cracks. Understanding that ROI isn’t only based on how much a specific customer brings back, but the impact they have in bringing in future customers by word of mouth is critical. But understanding and knowing/acting upon are completely different things. Our platform quantifies the impact of virality and gives you a dollar value for you to act on.

Marketing Optimization

You have a set budget to spend this month – how do you know you're being smart about that spend? Our Marketing Optimization tool is a sophisticated algorithm that makes absolutely certain that every marketing dollar is spent in the smartest way you could possibly spend it. Stop throwing money away with uninformed decisions and let our advanced algorithms do the difficult math.

Lifetime Value
Estimation (LTV)

If someone asked you what the lifetime value of one of your customers is, would you know how to answer that question? Is it $5 or is it $500? What if someone asked you what the impact of an update to your app, addition of a new menu item or a week-long sale has on the long-term value of your customers? These are critical insights that the AlgoLIFT platform will bring to your fingertips.


There’s nothing more costly or frustrating to a business than losing a valuable customer. What if you could know a customer was going to leave you BEFORE they actually left? Wouldn’t that be awesome? Our behavior models tell you exactly what the churn probabilities of every single one of your customers is so you can intervene and save the day before it’s too late.

User Acquisition Bid and Budget Optimization

Our cutting-edge AI and algorithms bring an elite level of sophistication and performance to your marketing budgets. Clients using our platform see an average of a 75 – 100% higher ROI on their advertising spend after using AlgoLIFT. In an era of rising CPA’s, this is the sort of competitive advantage that can turn your company’s balance sheet from red to black. There are very few secret weapons when it comes to digital marketing – AlgoLIFT is one of them.

Predictive Segmentation

Our clients stay ahead of curve by acting on customer churn BEFORE it happens. This allows our clients to retain their most valuable customers by understanding exactly where they happen to be in their life-cycle. AlgoLIFT’s customer-level churn data opens the door for marketing and CRM teams to be proactive with their campaign design and drive real-world results.

In the wild, our clients have seen email open rates that are 3.4x higher and click-through rates that are 3x higher than industry standard when using AlgoLIFT’s predictive segmentation data. Those are game-changing numbers for digital marketing teams.

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