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The financial engine for marketing investments

Making the complex simple

Improve your bottom line. AlgoLift determines the future lifetime value of your customers so you can optimize your investment strategy.

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Data Science + Action

AlgoLift transforms data inputs into actions with our predictive algorithms and investment optimization technology.

Our platform continuously analyzes customer data to give teams a real time understanding of user-level LTV, churn, and event forecasts. Stop reacting to outdated trends and stale data and start making investment decisions based on expected future outcomes.

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    Input data

    AlgoLift analyzes your customer data from any integration source and supplements it with our own market relevance information.

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    Machine learning

    Our self-tuning algorithms forecast key investment indicators like LTV, revenue, and churn for any business model including ads, IAP, subscription and cross-device e-commerce.

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    Your AlgoLift performance dashboard puts revenue and user-level LTV projections at your fingertips. Drill down into the factors making your marketing campaigns work.

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    Take action

    AlgoLift's comparative market benchmarking and recommended channel allocations give you the tools to create an optimal investment strategy.

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AlgoLift re-analyzes your customer data every single day to continuously improve upon your marketing investment strategy.
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    Predictive Analytics

    Know the future value of customers for every channel, country, and campaign, for any business model — in-app purchase, ads, subscription, or ecommerce.

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    Investment Optimization

    Maximize the performance of your marketing investment using AlgoLift's optimization technology to inform your strategy and remove the guesswork.

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    Customer Insights

    Understand where your highest-value customers are coming from, how they evolve over time, and the effect of changes to your pricing, product, or acquisition strategy.

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    Risk Monitoring

    Identify issues before they happen with real-time insights about performance and changes to pLTV. Take preventative action to protect your marketing investment.

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    Data Security

    We take the protection of your data seriously. That's why AlgoLift is committed to strict data governance and compliance with data protection laws.

  • Actualized Revenue Breakdowns

    View actualized data within the AlgoLift platform to understand past, current, and forecasted performance and monetization. Compare actuals to pLTV so you can take action before it’s too late.

  • Performance Reporting and Dashboards

    Data visualizations at varying granularity provide a simple view of performance over time. Quickly review performance trends across campaigns, channels, or countries. For additional detail we have structured tables and report downloads for all data.

  • Reporting Tools and Annotations

    Apply annotations to your dashboards to mark where key events occurred — like holidays, app updates, or product launches — and see pre- and post- effect on pLTV. You can also save dashboards, settings, or create and organize frequent reports to make managing your AlgoLift dashboards a breeze.

  • Predicted Customer Lifetime Value (pLTV)

    We use proprietary and proven machine learning algorithms to analyze customer data in order to forecast a value for every customer at various points in the future (30, 60, 90, 180 days or more) and for every monetization type (IAP, ads, subscription, ecommerce).

  • Daily Prediction Reports at the User Level

    We provide access to reports that are updated daily with the latest pLTV at the unique customer level so teams can understand how customer value will change. All of this data is visualized within the AlgoLift platform, but also available as a report that can be ingested into BI tools or internal dashboards.

  • Customer Virality Scoring

    LTV isn’t only based on the amount a specific customer spends, but also on the impact they have in their ability to acquire new customers through word of mouth. Our platform quantifies the impact of virality and gives you a dollar value to act on.

  • Automated Bid Management Using pLTV

    AlgoLift’s bid optimization algorithms and pLTV combine for a powerful tool that help companies maximize the value of their marketing investment.

  • Optimized Channel Allocation

    The AlgoLift platform uses pLTV to identify channels with the highest forecasted ROAS to create an optimal allocation strategy across the channels that you run on.

  • Delivery Suggestion Engine

    The AlgoLift platform constantly analyzes performance across campaigns, channels, countries, and other factors to identify pockets of opportunity and suggest changes that may improve performance.

  • User-Level Churn Assessment and Probabilities

    Losing existing high value customers is both costly and frustrating for your business. Our behavior models determine the churn probabilities of every single one of your customers so that you can take preventative action before they leave.

  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection

    Reduce fraud and minimize performance fluctuations using real-time, always-on monitoring of user-level pattern recognition and granular trend spotting along every step of the way.

  • Comparative Trends and Benchmarks

    Gain insight into how your marketing investment stacks up against industry categories, performance across channels and countries, seasonal trends, and more. Your team can use these comparative insights to adjust strategies to maximize returns.

  • Seamless and Flexible Integration Process

    We make the data integration process a breeze. We can ingest data directly from customers, through encrypted files, or through one of our integrations with channels, attribution providers, and BI tools.

  • Anonymized Customer Data by Default

    AlgoLift uses anonymous customer identifiers by default. We don’t request nor store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) so that your owned customer data stays that way.

  • GDPR Compliant

    AlgoLift's data privacy practices and processing operations are in strict compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"). We have been GDPR compliant since its effective date.

We help marketing teams invest better

Making smart teams even smarter

Teams use the AlgoLift platform to forecast new customer LTV, improve retention, and maximize revenue at global companies spanning mobile gaming, entertainment, streaming, e-commerce, food service, and more.

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"It's so important to know your customers well. AlgoLift keeps our marketing team rtwo steps ahead on building and optimizing awesome, effective campaigns"

Jennifer Chase, VP Mobile Marketing, Fandango

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