We’re delighted to announce the launch of AlgoLift Intelligent Budget, a cross-channel, media mix model budgeting tool available to AlgoLift Intelligence and Algolift Intelligent Automation clients today.

As app-based companies scale their marketing budgets across multiple mobile user acquisition channels, they look for ways to effectively understand how and where to invest their marketing spend to hit their long-term return on ad spend (ROAS) business goals.

Now with AlgoLift Intelligent Budget, teams from finance, analytics and marketing are delivered an optimal monthly budget based on hitting their long-term ROAS target. This budget is updated on a daily cadence based on the most recent days spend and performance data into their inbox or at app.algolift.com. We’ve been operating Intelligent Budget in beta with several of our clients over the past year as we develop and fine-tune the product. More details and a case study are here.

Here are some highlights:

  • Effective monthly channel budget allocation: leveraging our LTV forecasting models and spend side elasticity models, we allocate monthly budget across all paid channels with the optimal allocation based on the clients long-term pROAS target (eg d180 payback or max d365 ROAS).
  • Organic Lift: We can leverage recently released Organic Lift product, to include estimated organic lift (the result of paid spend on organic installs and revenue) as a criterion when optimizing channel budgets.
  • Min/max budget allocations by channel & platform: ensure diversity in your media mix by setting min and max budget allocations at the channel or platform level
  • Updated daily budgets: Intelligent Budgeting Tool delivers a monthly budget based on business objectives and constraints. Budgets are updated daily at app.algolift.com, Amazon S3 and via email
  • AlgoLift Intelligent Automation: executes automated user acquisition across Facebook, Google, Apple Search Ads, Unity, Ironsource, Vungle and Applovin leveraging these budgets, taking a portfolio approach and allocating spend to the optimal ad sets, campaigns, keywords and sub-publishers based on long-term pROAS
  • Optimal allocation between AlgoLift automated and client managed channels: Through daily updating of long-term pROAS, AlgoLift effectively rebalances budgets across all channels and ensures the client UA team has an updated budget to execute non-automated channels
Figure 1: a daily optimal Intelligent Budget allocation based on the most recent days LTV projections and spend data

What’s next?

With the release of iOS 14 in September, our goal is to ensure advertisers are empowered with the tools needed to deploy their user acquisition spend in the optimal way, helping marketers navigate the launch of iOS 14 without missing a beat with their performance spend. With this in mind, we’re thinking about how to allocate budget to campaigns targeting LAT/non-LAT users to maximize portfolio performance. Integral to this is our recently announced Organic Lift tool.

We’ll share more as we understand the impact of the new privacy changes by Apple, and as we incorporate them into how we think about user acquisition automation, budgeting and the impact of paid UA on organic installs.